Translation: Getting it Right

的re are hundreds of ways a translation project can go off track—ridiculous deadlines, misapplied machine translation, poor project management. Translation: Getting it Right aims to reduce stress and help you get the most out of your translation budget.


Download the language you need:

英语你.S.: Translation: Getting It Right 
英语你.K.: Translation: Getting It Right 
Brazilian Portuguese: Tradução: Faça a escolha certa
加泰罗尼亚语: Traduccions Fem-les bé
荷兰: Vertalen – een kwestie van kwaliteit!
法国: Traduction - faire les bons choix
德国: Übersetzung – keine Glückssache
希腊: Μετάφραση – Κάντε το σωστά
冰岛: Þýðingar – góðar og gildar
意大利: Traduzione - Come ottenere il prodotto giusto!
日本: 翻訳で失敗しないために ~ 翻訳発注の手引き
俄罗斯: Что нужно знать о письменном переводе Памятка заказчику
西班牙语: Todo lo que siempre quiso saber sobre la traducción

的 Translation: Getting It Right mini guide was developed by former ATA Public Relations Committee member Chris Durban for the U.K.’s Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

Interpreting: Getting it Right

For non-linguists, buying interpreting services is often frustrating. Interpreting: Getting It Right provides a straightforward explanation of the where, 为什么, and how of professional interpreting services. It’s a quick read and perfect for client education.


Download the language you need:

英语你.S.: Interpreting: Getting It Right
Brazilian Portuguese: Interpretação: Faça a escolha certa
法国: Interprétation faire les bons choix
加利西亚语的: Interpretación: A escolla acertada
西班牙语: Todo lo que siempre quiso saber sobre la interpretación

Interpreting: Getting It Right was written by Chris Durban, with layout by Mark Richardson. ATA is grateful to the 翻译s Division’s​ volunteers for their ​many ​contributions.

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Can I afford to hire a professional?

You can’t afford NOT to. Poor translation and interpreting services can be disastrous for your business. See what’s at stake.


What's the difference?

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Can't a computer do all this?

的re are times when machine translation is useful, and times when it's not. Learn when to use Google Translate, and when to hire a professional.